You have been waiting for quite some time… Planning it, dreaming about it, organizing every little detail. And now it’s happening! It’s your wedding day, and you are preparing yourself to be the bride…!!!

What a wonderful experience, so many overwhelming emotions switching from joy to excitement to anxiety… Moments to treasure for life.

I really love bride’s preparation photos. They are so true and full of surprises! You never know what’s going to happen, never can predict the reactions of all the persons involved, like the mother’s reaction when she puts the wedding dress on her daughter, or the father’s reaction the moment he sees his little girl dressed as a bride. Emotions, emotions, emotions…….

I never miss it! Although I like to be silent (so typical of me…) and work without interfering, I always feel so happy and privileged to be a part of these special family moments.

To all my brides, a big and humble “thank you” from the bottom of my heart, for your trust and faith in me as a photographer and for letting me be a part and capture these “once in a life time” moments of your preparation on your wedding day.

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